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Become a better artist by mastering the fundamentals of music production

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decades of experience in club music

With Lucien as your course teacher you will be able to make big leaps in your production skills. People all over the world dance to his tracks. And here at Analog Courses you will be able to find out why.

Free tips & tricks every week

On our Youtube channel you can find the latest videos on how to get the most out of yourself, your gear and your music. Our videos are all about sharing inspiration and giving you the latest tips & tricks. And the best of it all? It's free!

Join the conversation

Becoming a better artist is challenging work, and with every answer, a new question pops up. Got something you want to share or ask? Drop us a line below.



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With over 70 hours of free educational videos there is plenty to get you started. Are you ready to dive in? 

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